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వి'శో'ఖ కవితకు ఆంగ్లానువాదం

By Pratap

English version for Rama chandramouli's poem
Reality forever remains matchless;

it's always beyond imagination:

However, a weird monstrosity morphs us

into a damp cake of soap

pulverized under the feet...

Flattened... de-shaped. Deluged in

tears, helpless are we in muffled grief...

Yes, like Vishakha sea in revolt...

Can wind ever pound one's ear drums?

I really do not know...but this is

an unheard of bedlam of cataclysmic proportions.

The hoarse scary winds of bitterly subjugating experience.

Water...an infant splashing till the other day; rocking in the cradle of sea uplifting our senses, now

a sword of water lacerating and reducing the city into splinters.

Trees that have seen almost a century now severed of the tap root and lie uprooted on the path-ways...roofs flying as kites and earth in cracked bewilderment... Womb, shattered. An all round devastation beyond guesstimates. Why does a vagrant child vengefully tear the paper into bits and pieces, just like that? Why does he make a paper ball and hurl it directionless, just like that?

It's proved once again that if Time decides to ignite, we simply get reduced to a paper caught fire...

The City...in the wink of a night lives are thrown helter-skelter and is buried in irretrievable depths.

Perfumed life, grandeur of tradition, and heritage it once enjoyed, Vishakha, a symbol of blazing fire that it had been is now a memory; a doll of china

abruptly slipped out of hands...

Stupefied, the blood-oozing feet have forgotten their tread in a static passivity; the head reeling under frozen bewilderment...

Hardships befall from objective sources too; they needn't be of one's own making... a pet-dog biting its own master in revolt...and then, revelation : everything ends in a wink.

It's only when we're hurt, do we understand how to overcome...

All experiences are but lessons veiled...

- Prof. Raamaa Chandra Mouli

ఆంగ్లానువాదం: Indira Babbellapati, Andhra universit

రామా చంద్రమౌళి రాసిన ఈ కవిత తెలుగు మూలం కోసం ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చేయండి

English summary
rama chandramouli, indira babbellapati, andhra university, telugu literature, sahithi, రామా చంద్రమౌళి, ఇందిర బబ్బెల్లపాటి, ఆంధ్ర విశ్వవిద్యాలయం, తెలుగు సాహిత్యం, సాహితి
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