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వన్ ఇండియా కవితకు అనువాదం

By Pratap

Indira Babbellapati English translation for oneindia Telugu poem
ప్రముఖ కవి రామా చంద్రమౌళి రాసిన "మంచు తుఫాను.. చెదురుమదరు వర్షం" అనే కవిత వన్ ఇండియా తెలుగులో అచ్చయింది. ఆ కవిత ఆంధ్ర విశ్వవిద్యాలయం ఆచార్యులు ఇందిర బబ్బెల్లపాటికి నచ్చేసి, ఆమె దాన్ని ఆంగ్లంలోకి అనువాదం చేశారు. ఆ అనువాదాన్ని ఇక్కడు ఇస్తున్నాం...

snow-storm...scattered rain

ah, where from this dog

following like a persistent shadow...

like soul and body;

need any introduction...? Is familiarity enough

to walk together...? Meetings, accidental

mere reflex actions...paths merge

and fall apart abruptly

eyes look far away focussing yonder the sky

at some remote destination

pull...pull the bow-string to your ears

as much as the bow is prepared to be stretched

to its limit backwards...an anonymous energy

roars and roars from within and gets released

sss...rrr..r...r dashing towards the target

anticipated victory on hand; an empty bottle that breaks

sound of endless clapping all around...

drunkenness spreads like a layer of snowfall

how can you emerge a victor over yourself

when you do not know who you are-

did dharmaraja gain or lose in the end?

Walking unfamiliar paths

doesn't one finally collapse...move away...escape

upon finally asserting that people are mere illusions?

each unto one's self as one is engrossed in

re-exploring, re-searching...ultimately

victories, reaching goals, soaring to heaven...all get

reduced to trash in the bin...when all bonds

are relatively re-defined, does the dog

alone stand as the symbol of faith?

once determined that to remain alone is inevitable,

what value does the fellow-traveller carry?

once the fruit severs itself from the branch,

the transactions that follow are considered

consumables across the continents;

all that remains is the moral dilemma of

‘what will you give when I come to you' and

‘what will you get for me when you come to me!'

--degeneration from ‘we' to ‘I' with no ‘we-sensitivity'

when one turns back suddenly to take stock,

the dog that so far followed isn't any where

it's still void when void is subtracted from void;

when zero placed on either side of numeral one laughs,

what's the value of the lonesome number?

At the moment of confronting the dilemma of

the dog that kept on following...

that disappeared... and the absence it left behind,

and at the moment of micro-analysing the depths of

the direct and inverse relationships, he failed to

sight his destination...snow-storm all around

freezing the eyes... and scattered showers

- Prof. Raamaa Chandra Mouli

ఆంగ్లానువాదం: Indira Babbellapati, Andhra university

కవిత తెలుగు మూలం కోసం క్లిక్ చేయండి

English summary
Published in oneindia Telugu, Rama Chandramouli's poem has been translated by Andhra University professor Indira Babbellapati into English.
న్యూస్ అప్ డేట్స్ వెంటనే పొందండి
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