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By Staff

హోంపేజి టాక్‌ ఆఫ్‌ టుడే కాంగ్రెస్‌ Tuesday, May 18 2004


ఎవరు గొప్ప?అంటూ సోనియా త్యాగంపైథట్స్‌తెలుగు.కామ్‌ ప్రచురించినవ్యాసంపై పాఠకులు పెద్ద ఎత్తునస్పందించారు. సోనియాది త్యాగం కాదనివాదించారు. థట్స్‌తెలుగు.కామ్‌కాంగ్రెస్‌ అనుకూల వెబ్‌సైట్‌ అనినిష్టూరమాడారు. ఎవర్నీ విమర్శిస్తే వారిప్రత్యర్థుల సైట్‌గా మాపైనిష్టూరమాడడం సహజమే ఐనా,అసంఖ్యాక స్పందనల్లో మంచివాదనలలో కొన్ని ఇక్కడపొందుపరుస్తున్నాం. 1. Jagan rao
I dont know who wrote the above story. But its one side of coin. Let me ask you one question... You think.. Will India in safe hands if Sonia accepted PM? Dont get emotional, rather think as an Indian patriot. You better read Sonia Autograpy or learn what is sonia and then write an article, but dont get an emotional. Indian people are getting emotional,,,but they are not thinking realestic. Why? We aresentimental fellows,,,,But put that aside and think it..you come to understand.......

2 . Vasudha

We strongly disagree that sonia wholeheartedly sacrificed the PM post and Rahul, Priyanka requested their mother not because of love for the country nor respect for the country just with SHAME AND FEAR .

They didnot thought that so many will oppose and protests will come they thought that they can enjoy money and power easily with brand name GANDHI. I do not know why all the news papers are so proud of Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka. There are many others in the country sacrificing their lives for the country. Is sonia, rahul or priyanka ever gave a single pie for this country. They are misutilising the liberty given by India by transferring India into christian country , after their arrival christain movement reached top in India. All the film
stars, singers etc. all are christains. We never oppose any particular religion but, can you guess in any country this type of freedom is given even in here in USA absolutely a big NO NO NO.

If hindu use any banner they are not permitting and they say they are pioneers of democracy---- etc. TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD it applies in every feild. Why didnt sonia give a single speech or single interview because she cannot talk properely, why not even single newspaper writing about background and history, indirectly supporting mean sonia and misleading public.
christains, muslims can follow their rules but hindus cannot their ritulas WHAT A FUN, many schools in India are asking gilrs to cut their hairs, remove sindhur if wont they are imposing fines why all these because no one has dare and fear that they may hindu what a pity to be called as Hindu-------

We request newspapers not to write these type of misleading statements that sonia sacrificed, etc. What qualification she has except rajivs wife, and rajiv except indiras son,etc. Everyone will rule by using brand name if not sonia another jullie. What Rahul and Priyanka did for themselves not for country with a future look to become PMs.

Congress got seats not with sonia rahul or priyanka but with negative votes against ruling parties. Whole india is not with congress . Congress might have support of 30% of public votes that means70% OF INDIANS ARE AGAINST CONGRESS AND SONIA DO REMEMBER THIS BEFORE WRITING ARTICLES LIKE VOTERS DECISION IS IN FAVOUR OF CONGRESS OR SONIA.

If really sonia wont occupy PM post then we will think still there are Indians with Indian soul and feel because these english medium education Indians are becoming soulless and becoming slaves. Primary education must be in their mother tongue so that they will get a chance to learn who are their forefathers and what they sacrificed for this country and what is on theirshoulders.

3. Venkat
- Vajpayee is a great man. Please do not compare Vajpayee with any other person.He is the right person for PM post.
- Congress won approx 140 out of 542. If they had declared Sonia as PM candidate they would have won 70 or 80 seats.
- Why we need sonia or Priyanka Or Rahul?? Because of their Last names were Gandhi? Other than that they are nothing.

4. Rajesh
She was scared of unrest that started in India on the news that she is going to be the prime minsiter of India. She cares for her life first than the country.

I agree with you about article.But one thing you need to remember people did not vote for congress as congress is great party or wanted to see sonia as PM.We just voted against some polices of BJP or TDP. we will soon vote them back. How can you digest a forign born person as PM. Robert clive was in India for more than five years. why did we thtow them english out of this country. Yellow journalism you can have have party inclination from india info way for congress. we donot mind to see laloo, manmohan or any body as PM
but not sonia. IF sonia can , why not mushraff at least he was born in India.

6. Suren
The article is really good.Sonia Gandhi has done a great sacrifice.If she wants to be a PM she can easily become.But she has given respect to Indian people.I used to have high hope on BJP but they did not behave in a matured way.When people gave a majority to Congress they should accept the verdict.Hope Venkiah Naidu and Mahajan will learn the good qualities of Sonia.

7. Bharatiyudu

Hey whoever wrote this article looks like a good script writer. You should be writing movie scripts and reviews dude. If you are pro to congress party b elike one but do not impose your thoughts on others. What qualification she has to become a Prime Minister of India. Did she ever do a portfolio in any kind of Govt? You think all the other politicians who struggled and worked hard so much to get portfolios are incapable. Prime Minister of India is the person who runs the country dude not the party. There is a lot of difference between pro votes and incumbency votes.

How much percentage of votes were the difference for the BJP and Congress? How many parties did Congress made alliance to get into elections? Please think before you write anything. This is an article and is news media which should give proper guidance to people not impose opinions. This is not a story. If you think Sonia can be Prime Minister why not Britishers rule the country? why should we fight for freedom? Can she sing Jana Gana Mana." without a mistake? Vajapayee did not become Prime Minister overnight and you cant say he is not a proper leader. Do think beofre you address millions of Indians. హోంపేజి

తెలుగు మ్యాట్రిమోనిలో మీకు నచ్చిన జీవిత భాగస్వామి ఎంపికలు - రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ ఉచితం!

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